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These Natural Swimming Pools Are Completely Green!

These remarkable videos explain how to make natural swimming pools that use only natural elements and processes to heat and filter the pool water.  They are both animal-friendly and zero impact –an incredible step forward in sustainable design!  The designers hope that this work will inspire others to get out and start digging natural pools themselves, instead of buying the typical chlorinated and gas-heated models.  David Pagan Butler offers a free downloadable DIY manual at, as well as further information on natural pool systems on his website.

Working with nature and natural elements to carry out functions essential to life, in every regard, is far better than trying to block nature out and carry out different functions through burning fossil fuels, using electricity or unnatural chemicals.  This work should therefore inspire all kinds of green architecture and design initiatives above and beyond pool system design.


  1. How beautiful, I want one!!

  2. Wow, these look incredible. I think some people would be a bit nervous to jump into a pool that potentially has living creatures in it, but anybody who has ever been to a cottage would feel right at home. I love the walk out dock/diving board.

    • Living creatures add to the fun and beauty of it! Cottage country in Canada would be especially suited for these pools.

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